My journey memories

In May 2016 a group of students from Aikuisopisto traveled to Eastbourne in England. What is it like to be an adult on a language course? Mika Balk tells you.

It was my third time in Eastbourne and Eastbourne school of English.  The first week was of course memorable again with school things, trips and time with friends.But the second week was for me the first time when I was alone without any Finnish friends in the school.

Day trips


Arundel Castle

We did many interesting trips for instance to the Arundel castle which lies in Arundel. It’s a small but very nice village. The original castle was founded on Christmas Day 1067 by Roger de Montgomery. I can really recommend this place for you. The castle is worth of money. The tickets cost about twenty pounds, but take the gold plus ticket it is so much better than just normal. It costs a bit more.


Arundel Castle

We of course went to the Beachy Head and we also saw a very lovely Alfriston village.


Elinan Galaxy 017

Beachy Head and Alfriston Church

Evening entertainment

One evening we were in the theatre. There was a musical and dance show called The Jungle Book.

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One afternoon we had traditional English afternoon tea. Boy, we had a lot to eat….

Elinan Galaxy 022

Eastbourne is safe and nice place especially if you want to concentrate on your study.But we had enough time to visit Brighton too. Brighton is more lively then Eastbourne.  A train ticket costs only ten pounds to Brighton if you really want to have more activity.

At the School

The School and teaching were very nice and good. The teachers gave challenges for all groups and students.

The second week was nice experience. I was in an international class. The students came from all over the world, Switzerland, Columbia, Russian, Spain, France, some Muslim country, Korea, China and me from Finland. But everything went well. I made new Friends from Columbia, Russian and England. My new English friends are English teachers from Eastbourne school of English and my host family. I had two teachers they both were Mark. In my opinion they both are intelligent and good teachers. They have interesting thoughts about world and many other things.

At the end of second week I was in London. It was very nice experience. I stayed in Paddington area. It was a good place to visit all over London.

I’m sure that you can catch more if you’re alone without Finnish friends and try to study English with international group. Because you have to manage speaking and understand what people are saying. It is very teaching and interesting too. So you can go alone and catch nice experience from Eastbourne School of English.

Vantaa adult institute has organized a very good journey already three times. I have been there every time. But this time was prize for me because I have managed to develop my English skills in the Vantaa adult institute.

Thank you Elina Vienamo for many things and help and everything. A big hug for you.

Student Mika Balk

Photos: Terhi Karhuniemi and Elina Vienamo

Lovely Eastbourne 2014


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