Vocal band Halsbandet celebrates its 30th anniversary

Vocal band Halsbandet was founded in 1988 in Vantaa. Initially, the group consisted of only Swedish-speaking members, amateur singers. The first leader, Rodney Andrén, developed the sound of the band towards gospels and folk music.

With the new conductor and music arranger Jan Takolander, more Swing and Latin-American rhythms appeared in the repertoire of the ensemble. In the atmosphere of the rich choral life of Helsinki area, Halsbandet stood out in its originality and commitment to pop-jazz music genres and rhythmic style of performance.

The next page in the history of the band was written by a Finnish musician, composer and arranger Teppo Salakka, who has developed the band by bringing own songs and arrangements, which were widely performed and appreciated by the local community of music professionals and amateurs. Most of these materials form the basis of “Halsbandet’s” repertoire.

Teppo Salakka started a collaboration between the group and professional jazz musicians. One of those remarkable concerts was produced in Stockholm in 2003 with Swedish saxophonist Boo Egebjer. Later on, a unique concert programme dedicated to music by the famous Finnish jazz composer Heikki Sarmanto, was created. It was repeatedly presented with personal participation by the author. During that time Halsbandet performed very actively in well-attended concerts in different music halls, churches and restaurants. The group participated in several ”Tikkujamit”, organized by Vantaa Jazz Association. The sound of Halsbandet’s golden era can be heard the band’s CD, recorded at that time.

Today the band is lead by composer and arranger Victoria Sergeenko with Russian origins and classical & jazz professional background. Victoria came to the band in 2014. As a first experimental idea, a concert inspired by rock music was organized. The concert “It’s a Kind of Magic” was performed at Vernissa. But a year later, the band moved on with a new passion for jazz music, concentrated more on the development of specific jazz rhythm work and specialties of sound, which came to surface in the summer concert “Sunshine”.  for modern, contemporary music and a’cappella music experiences.

In 2014–2017 the band was involved in Helsinki vocal band’s Association “Kiva-do-up” activities. With a few other friendly groups, they took part in concerts and the festival “Vocal Affairs”. The group is constantly accepting new generation of singers to attend our open minded, international, evergreen and happy collective.

You can see Halsbandet perform every December in a traditional Christmas concert arranged by “Vanda Sång- och Musikförbund” at Helsinge Kyrka St Lars (a church in Vantaa) uniting several local choirs. This concert plays a big role in the cultural life of the Swedish speaking society in Vantaa and surroundings.

In 2018 the band is celebrating the 30th anniversary and preparing a festive concert program, where you will hear best compositions of the past and present of  Halsbandet.

New members are welcome! Enrol in the choir at ilmonet.fi.


Vastaa Vocal band Halsbandet celebrates its 30th anniversary


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